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Spiritual Paradox


A paradox can be defined as any person, thing, or situation exhibiting an apparently contradictory nature.

Meditation and many other spiritual practices, and hence their teachings, are highly paradoxical in nature

  • We learn the skills of meditation and diligently practice, so we can ultimately let go of it all.
  • Often we’re trying to discover or attain some other state of being, that we’re are already in.
  • Whatever we do think we have attained or realised along the way, becomes something else that have to let go of.
  • We think meditation is all in our mind, when it turns out to be primarily down to our heart.
  • We yearn for healing enlightenment, yet our liberation lies in compassionately embracing our darkness.
  • And in the end, the only time you can practice pure meditation, is when you know you no longer need it anymore.
  • We search for our dearest love in the rarest of experiences, only to find our true love was right here all along under our noses, here in the most ordinary of things.

Does this all mean that meditation and spiritual practices are a waste of time? Hardly. For it is only by going through these transformational processes, that we arrive at the simplicity of our natural awakened self.

© David R. Durham
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A Medieval Life


This week’s Friday YouTube video link, features a BBC documentary about 14th century Europe, Britain to be precise.

A fascinating story which brings social history alive, it shows life at the time through the eyes of the peasants, instead of the history books’ usual fascination with kings and battles.

The 14th century was a time of economic boom and bust, climate change, foreign wars, famine and the infamous Black Death. A roller-coaster of events which led to irreversible social change for all strata of British society.

The story focuses on the life of one peasant woman, Christina Cok in her one-parent family, and what happened to them during these turbulent times.

David R. Durham
Spiritual Healing & Counselling Website
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Unending Flow


You make your love conditional;
If you loved me, you would do what I want.

But love was made of giving;
If you loved me, you wouldn’t say that.

So be brave and open your heart and give your love regardless;
If God loved us, he would stop this war, this famine, this injustice.

And after days or months or maybe even years of allowing your love to flow unconditionally;
If I loved you, would you love me?

The penny will finally drop;
If my children loved me, they would visit me.

We create the world that we live in;
So rest in your heart and let your love flow, and flow and flow, and create the world that you really want to live in.

© David R. Durham
Spiritual Healing & Counselling Website
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