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Freedom For Now


Enjoy this freedom while you can, the internet has become a serious problem for the ruling elite,
Many people are openly sharing previously suppressed information and ideas,
Your elitist slave master’s agent provocateurs can’t cope with the volume,
Their agent provocateurs can’t spread lies fast enough to counter the daily exposure of the damaging truths about their corporate cults of greed, sham democracies and militarist agendas,
Your slave masters are cornered and wounded, hemorrhaging money, in danger of becoming, well dare I use the word; poor,
Equity dividends down to near zero, crashed real estate markets, treasury bond markets are in disarray, toxic derivatives are sinking them into a financial black hole,
And the rich ruling elite are running out of grateful third world countries to exploit,
The rich ruling elite have bought all of the important politicians, and still their corrupt systems are failing.

Enjoy this freedom while you can,
Before your ruling rich elite push the panic button of war,
Ah yes, there is always war, thank the Gods for war,
It has served them well in the past, why not now?
Seven billion people and counting, who would miss the odd billion or two or three?
They can make tons of money funding these wars and make even more money clearing up after it,
Of course you will have to choose a side and hope that yours’ wins,
The rich elite don’t care, they play on both sides, wars are a win-win scenario for them.

© David R. Durham
Spiritual Healing & Counselling
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The Darkness


The Darkness grips me with its’ loving smile,
Whispering, you think you can ignore me? I am the blessed one you know,
Are you sure it’s not me you have sought for all along?
Down all the half-lit alleyways of your fractured mind,
Is my way not the true road less travelled?
Not your fashioned life-story, not your unfolding mythical self of selective life-moments;

The Darkness holds me with its’ numbing embrace,
Whispering, know me and be free forever. I am the keeper of all Knowledge you know,
Worship with me and all you have dreamed of will be yours,
I ripple through your half-remembered dreams in day-breaks’ waking moments,
Are your delicious dreams not your true revelation?
Your denied life-story, played out in full view of your unconstrained eyes;

The Darkness shadows me, is me,
Whispering, for all time, for all time, for all time call me friend. I am the Dark side of your Light, the Tree of Death and Life,
Sing songs of praise with me and resonate within this divine truth,
I am the Guide on your darkest of soul-journeys,
Exploring the softest scents of death too soon, the fondest joys of inflicted torture, the ear-cracking cries of ruptured psyches,
Aghast at your unknown life, now revealed, joyously celebrated;

© David R. Durham
Spiritual Healing & Counselling Website
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A Poem: Spiritual Paradox


There is something hidden;
That is in plain sight.

There is something which moves;
Yet it is always still.

There are many mysterious teachings;
Who’s literal meaning is the truth.

There is someone who is sleeping;
Who is always awake.

There are many who are searching;
For who they already are.

© David R. Durham
Spiritual Healing & Counselling Website
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The Words Come Softly


The words come softly;
At the break of the day.

The words come softly;
And speak of fears they want to slay.

The words come softly;
Union is forever they say.

The words come softly;
Who’s words, who’s thoughts come today?

The words come softly;
When Spirit comes our way.

The words come softly;
For those who chose to listen.

© David R. Durham
Spiritual Healing & Counselling Website
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