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Where Is The Beginning?


Where does our mind end and our body begin?

Where does spirit end and the physical world begin?

There are not really any satisfactory answers to these questions.

For the sake of understanding and communication, we label somethings mind and other things physical. But, you don’t have to go very far into the experience of life to know the situation is not necessarily so simple.

In the healing work of cranio-sacral therapy, for example, the intimate integration of mind, body and spirit quickly becomes palpable. A self-evident truth which becomes so obvious, that in time it hardly seems to need mentioning. It is as if we ‘knew’ it all along.

Perhaps, this phenomena is a feature of where and how we use our conscious awareness. What we focus our attention upon becomes real; it is noticed and is acknowledged. Rather like the Observer Effect from the world of physics, where an electron only has a position in space and time when it is consciously observed.

© David R. Durham

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