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Many of us have recollections and probably photographs (or perhaps paintings) of our ancestors going back two or three generations, and maybe even further back in time.

Indeed, there are some cultures where it is customary to celebrate and honour their ancestors in annual festivals.

Within the DNA of our bodies however, is a record which goes back to our very earliest ancestors, hundreds of generations in the past.

Our DNA does not deteriorate like materials such as parchment, clothing and even stone. It is a fully preserved living record carried down through the ages by the maternal side of our DNA.

Scientists have been able to use DNA samples from bodies even 5,000 years old to trace distant relatives alive today.

And when the European bloodline is investigated, it turns out that all Europeans alive today originate from just seven women.

For the full story behind this fascinating tale of scientific imagination and investigation get the following book ….

The Seven Daughters of Eve
by Bryan Sykes

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