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Benefits of Distance Healing


My latest blog post looks at one of the most important benefits of Distance Healing.

absent healing


Notes from the Dark Side


My most recent blog of not feeding Evil with hatred.


Gone To The Dogs


This week’s Friday YouTube video link features two very talented dogs.

(Copyright belongs to the video producer)


David R. Durham
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Gone Nuclear


This week’s Friday YouTube video link features a video which is both disturbing and fascinating at the same time.

(Copyright belongs to the video producer)


It was created by the Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto and it features a time-lapse map of the 2053 nuclear explosions which have taken place between 1945 and 1998, beginning with the Manhattan Project’s “Trinity” test near Los Alamos and concluding with Pakistan’s nuclear tests in May of 1998. This leaves out North Korea’s two alleged nuclear tests in this past decade (the legitimacy of both of which is not 100% clear).

David R. Durham
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Life Magazine Documentary


This week’s Friday YouTube video link features a documentary about the legendary LIFE magazine.

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This is photo-journalism at its’ inspirational best, which also happened to capture American culture during a key period in its’ history, the 1940’s to the 1960’s.

David R. Durham
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Regional English Accents


I’m kinda fascinated by the variety of English accents. In England alone, there are dozens and dozens of unique regional accents, and each spoken accent can have its’ own vocabulary, grammar and pronunciations.

I remember travelling to Newcastle, in north east England, some years ago. And when some of the locals spoke to me on the train, I really did not have a clue what they were saying. Which, since I originate from East Yorkshire, only about 70 odd miles away is quite amazing.

One explanation for the growth of regional accents, goes along the lines of – prior to about 200 years ago, very few people actually traveled further than their local community unless they had to. And, of course, there was no radio or TV for people to listen to. This relative isolation gave people amply opportunity to develop their own language variations.

Another phenomena is that there isn’t really such a thing as a British accent. There are simply too many regional accents in the British isles for that to be true. I found some references which suggested that the notion of a correct British accent is a form of cultural imperialism adopted at the time of empire and all that, which sounds about right, just the kind of BS they would go for.

Personally, whatever the reasons I’m very, very glad there isn’t such a thing as a standard British or English accent. I love to hear the endless richness of their varied sounds, their beautifully mangled verbs and I delight in hearing old-fashioned personal pronouns still being used in the 21st century.

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One Way Street


I was just reading a quote from the Persian mystic & poet Rumi, which finished with the sentence – “No ripe grape ever again becomes green, and no mature fruit ever again becomes raw.”

How true this is. The things we do, don’t do, say, don’t say etc. are all a one way street. Whilst many software tools we use have a handy “Un-Do” function, we do not.

This reminds me of an interview I read with a prison psychiatrist, who commented something along the lines of, the biggest regret of many lifers is that they could never go back, they could never un-murder someone and bring them back to life.

When we make our decision, small and big, often we select a route we can never go back on. And, whilst in our minds we may return again and again, it’s done, over, finito.

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Social Memory


The pace of social change over the last fifty years, across the world, has been breathtaking. Which has led me to wonder, how much of our collective social history is being forgotten within two or three generations. Not the ‘important’ stuff of history books, but the woof and warp of daily human lives.

This especially hit me when I was watching some TV ads., for the latest smart-phone technology. Nothing remotely like this existed when I was a kid. And, when I first started work, the typewriter dominated the office landscape. The PC was yet to be invented.

In some ways, people are more connected. Maybe in other ways, it has become easier to avoid those closest to us, and for real stories to be lost in a deluge of information.

I can’t help feeling that human stories live on in the memories of real people, not in saved data files or virtual chat-rooms. And one feature of human memory, is that it tends to keep memories with an emotional content. It is this emotional element which brings human stories to life, and allows them to connect across the generations. Pure information tends to be forgotten, discarded along the way.

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Peru Floods


Hi All,

I received the following from a contact in Peru regarding floods affecting communities in the Sacred Valley in Peru.

Peru torrential rains starting on 8 Feb 2013 caused flooding and
landslides across the country. Several weeks of heavy rain resulted
in a glacial river bursting its banks, sending rushing water churning
down the mountain, pushing rocks, boulders, and trees along the way.
In Tanca and Phiry, agricultural fields were buried in mud and rocks,
wiping out a year’s plantings, farm animals drowned, and 75 families
lost their homes. In all, over 130 families have lost some or all of
their housing, clothing, work, furniture, and their means of making a
living. There has been little news coverage and tourists and locals
alike are unaware or find it hard to get any information.

These two communities are located 5 km outside of Ollantaytambo. The
indigenous peoples here huddle their children trying to keep them
alive in the cold as the rain continues to leek into their tents wetting their now molding
mattresses. The municipality has scraped together to give them sugar
and rice and some emergency tents.

This is not my first rodeo guys…I promise you that while I was at
the forefront of the relief effort in Staten Island, NY after hurricane
Sandy and the flood recovery I saw the potential of individuals coming
together to create an entire movement of help. Today I am asking for
the same support, compassion and love. Several communities effected
by the 2010 floods in Peru still live in tent cities today because
they had no means to recover. I hope to prevent this. These two
communities have never flooded before and they are at a loss as to how
to recover. They would like to relocate to a flood free zone which
will cost 100,00 dollars of which they do not have. I hope to be
contacting rebuilding organizations and church groups as well. We
need help for about 480 people. Sunday February 24 we will have a big
clean up volunteer day in the communities. We will meet in the
Ollantaytambo plaza at 10 am. Please join us.

The communities have requested donations of:
Food including tomatoes, potatoes, onions, lentils, eggs, milk,
cheese, meat, fruit, lettuce, cabbage, spinach
Clothes, blankets, mattresses, water filters, school supplies,
construction supplies including wires, nails, and tools, seeds to
replant their fields, and laundry detergent.

I have arranged for trustworthy donation drop off points at the following places:
Cusco-South American Explorers Club calle Atoqsaytuchi 670, San Blas (084)245484
Urubamba- Killa Spa 984499630
Avenida Torrechayoc in front of Colegio General Ollanta
Pisac- Ulrikes Cafe right off the Plaza
Plaza Constitución, 084 20-3195
Ollantaytambo- My Small Help 974 896 630
Patacalle S/N close to Hotel Woo (the only
house with a balcony)

This is not the USA and relief doesn´t always come and the poor don’t always have a way out or another alternative.
Please e-mail or make donations at the following paypal website to contribute.

PayPal Donation Link

As one woman said….
“I’m a single mother. Look at how my children are, my daughter is
frightened. We have slept outside, all my things have been destroyed,
I don’t have anything not even a plate.”
Please also share this email and the news with all of your friends and
family. And join our page on facebook Peru Flood Relief Effort for
more current information.

Morgaine Witriol