Natural Healing


Our desire to heal when we are unwell is a perfectly natural one.

What we often overlook is that the most effective healing is self-healing. In fact, I would go as far as to say that it is the only true healing for our bodies, minds and emotions. And there are so many therapies, medical drugs and procedures, remedies and pills out there that we often overlook this simple fact.

So the question becomes what is the natural remedy or remedies for your situation? What will assist you in restoring your harmony and well being?

In many cases, it is fairly straightforward. For instance, if you cut your finger, well wash it and put a plaster over it until it heals itself.

In other cases, the solution is not so obvious. These more mysterious and chronic situations call for a slightly different approach. An approach which calls for investigation, questioning and above all listening to the results of that inquiry. This investigative approach can take many forms, such as blood tests, kinesiology, dream analysis and psychoanalytical tests.

Another more radical approach is to listen, deeply and in complete silence to the body. To simply listen, unimpeded by analysis, interruption or judgement, unobscured by pain suppressants. And whilst in this deep listening state allow the body to tell its’ story.

This deep listening approach to healing acknowledges our body in its’ most complete sense; the witness, memory and expression of our whole life experience as embodied spirit. This process also recognizes that our unheard story is often at the root of the energy blockages which are the source of our disharmony which manifests itself as ill-health.

So, with this rather radical approach, the story, your story, is witnessed without judgement or trying to change or to heal anything. This non-interference includes you. You are no longer judging, trying to change or heal or justifying anything etc.

To listen and to be listened to deeply, is the healing itself.

© David R. Durham
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  1. All so very true, in ways we have yet to manifest….but will become more evident as we grow more conscious as a whole humanity….thank you for the posting and again best wishes with your own healing and Path.