Judgement and Choices


There is sometimes a very subtle way in which judgement and making choices impedes our living being and compromises the whole of who we are.

I’m not talking about the necessary choices, e.g. which way to turn or car, when to stop eating etc.

These are the judgments and choices which separate ‘me’ from every thing and every one else. In the bigger picture an example is the man vs nature concept, which is about as skewed and daft as it gets. On a smaller scale we do this judging business on an unconscious level almost all of the time, as if it is completely natural and normal.

I think this is one of the reasons why we might ‘get’ intellectually the spiritual concept of oneness, but at a living breathing level of our being, it is not what we’re experiencing.

And getting to the point where we can be still enough to let go of our judging and choosing mental machine, so we can re-experience our oneness, takes an enormous amount of practice. And, it is as if, having chosen the be separate in order to experience this being human thing, we find it incredibly difficult to do the simplest of tasks, which is to let go of that decision. Until we can let go of letting go itself.

But then again, being is not a doing.

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