Social Memory


The pace of social change over the last fifty years, across the world, has been breathtaking. Which has led me to wonder, how much of our collective social history is being forgotten within two or three generations. Not the ‘important’ stuff of history books, but the woof and warp of daily human lives.

This especially hit me when I was watching some TV ads., for the latest smart-phone technology. Nothing remotely like this existed when I was a kid. And, when I first started work, the typewriter dominated the office landscape. The PC was yet to be invented.

In some ways, people are more connected. Maybe in other ways, it has become easier to avoid those closest to us, and for real stories to be lost in a deluge of information.

I can’t help feeling that human stories live on in the memories of real people, not in saved data files or virtual chat-rooms. And one feature of human memory, is that it tends to keep memories with an emotional content. It is this emotional element which brings human stories to life, and allows them to connect across the generations. Pure information tends to be forgotten, discarded along the way.

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