Peru Floods


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I received the following from a contact in Peru regarding floods affecting communities in the Sacred Valley in Peru.

Peru torrential rains starting on 8 Feb 2013 caused flooding and
landslides across the country. Several weeks of heavy rain resulted
in a glacial river bursting its banks, sending rushing water churning
down the mountain, pushing rocks, boulders, and trees along the way.
In Tanca and Phiry, agricultural fields were buried in mud and rocks,
wiping out a year’s plantings, farm animals drowned, and 75 families
lost their homes. In all, over 130 families have lost some or all of
their housing, clothing, work, furniture, and their means of making a
living. There has been little news coverage and tourists and locals
alike are unaware or find it hard to get any information.

These two communities are located 5 km outside of Ollantaytambo. The
indigenous peoples here huddle their children trying to keep them
alive in the cold as the rain continues to leek into their tents wetting their now molding
mattresses. The municipality has scraped together to give them sugar
and rice and some emergency tents.

This is not my first rodeo guys…I promise you that while I was at
the forefront of the relief effort in Staten Island, NY after hurricane
Sandy and the flood recovery I saw the potential of individuals coming
together to create an entire movement of help. Today I am asking for
the same support, compassion and love. Several communities effected
by the 2010 floods in Peru still live in tent cities today because
they had no means to recover. I hope to prevent this. These two
communities have never flooded before and they are at a loss as to how
to recover. They would like to relocate to a flood free zone which
will cost 100,00 dollars of which they do not have. I hope to be
contacting rebuilding organizations and church groups as well. We
need help for about 480 people. Sunday February 24 we will have a big
clean up volunteer day in the communities. We will meet in the
Ollantaytambo plaza at 10 am. Please join us.

The communities have requested donations of:
Food including tomatoes, potatoes, onions, lentils, eggs, milk,
cheese, meat, fruit, lettuce, cabbage, spinach
Clothes, blankets, mattresses, water filters, school supplies,
construction supplies including wires, nails, and tools, seeds to
replant their fields, and laundry detergent.

I have arranged for trustworthy donation drop off points at the following places:
Cusco-South American Explorers Club calle Atoqsaytuchi 670, San Blas (084)245484
Urubamba- Killa Spa 984499630
Avenida Torrechayoc in front of Colegio General Ollanta
Pisac- Ulrikes Cafe right off the Plaza
Plaza Constitución, 084 20-3195
Ollantaytambo- My Small Help 974 896 630
Patacalle S/N close to Hotel Woo (the only
house with a balcony)

This is not the USA and relief doesn´t always come and the poor don’t always have a way out or another alternative.
Please e-mail or make donations at the following paypal website to contribute.

PayPal Donation Link

As one woman said….
“I’m a single mother. Look at how my children are, my daughter is
frightened. We have slept outside, all my things have been destroyed,
I don’t have anything not even a plate.”
Please also share this email and the news with all of your friends and
family. And join our page on facebook Peru Flood Relief Effort for
more current information.

Morgaine Witriol


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