The Darkness


The Darkness grips me with its’ loving smile,
Whispering, you think you can ignore me? I am the blessed one you know,
Are you sure it’s not me you have sought for all along?
Down all the half-lit alleyways of your fractured mind,
Is my way not the true road less travelled?
Not your fashioned life-story, not your unfolding mythical self of selective life-moments;

The Darkness holds me with its’ numbing embrace,
Whispering, know me and be free forever. I am the keeper of all Knowledge you know,
Worship with me and all you have dreamed of will be yours,
I ripple through your half-remembered dreams in day-breaks’ waking moments,
Are your delicious dreams not your true revelation?
Your denied life-story, played out in full view of your unconstrained eyes;

The Darkness shadows me, is me,
Whispering, for all time, for all time, for all time call me friend. I am the Dark side of your Light, the Tree of Death and Life,
Sing songs of praise with me and resonate within this divine truth,
I am the Guide on your darkest of soul-journeys,
Exploring the softest scents of death too soon, the fondest joys of inflicted torture, the ear-cracking cries of ruptured psyches,
Aghast at your unknown life, now revealed, joyously celebrated;

© David R. Durham
Spiritual Healing & Counselling Website
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