Concepts of Love


The Western educated mind is very fluent in concepts, often much more so than we actually realise.

That’s how we are educated from a very early age, and we are so immersed in this process that we do not always realise the degree to which we live our life in our concepts of life, instead of the raw feeling and direct experience of life.

And, you, sitting there reading this, you “get the concept” of what I’m saying. Don’t you.

How many times can you recall yourself saying things like: “Well I didn’t think (blank) would be like that.” “I expected (blank) to be (blank).” “It turned out much cooler than I thought it would be.” And so on.

And this clash between what we think life is, with how life actually is in the living experience of it, is a source of much human disappointment and grief.

One of the most potent of human transformations, is when our center of awareness moves from our head to our heart. This relocation of awareness, or the kick start for it, is usually forced upon us by the circumstances of life.

Until this transformation happens, we only have concepts of love. We quiet happily pronounce that I love this person or that thing or an experience or whatever. But that is all that it is, a concept, an idea of love, and what love should or should not be.

If we move home from our head to our heart, then love is largely unspoken. Ironically, love now becomes much harder to put into words, i.e. it becomes much harder to put love into a mental straight-jacket.

When we move home from our head to our heart, love becomes a natural expression of our being, it is the ground of our being. Now love is the prime motivator for the way we live and behave.

How easy this transformation is, naturally varies from person to person. Many never even attempt this journey at all. For those who do go through it, it can take many months to fully re-orientate themselves, and for many people this transformation can take many years of diligent spiritual practice.

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