18% Grey


Is it the darkness we explore in the light or do we perceive the light in the darkness?

In a literal sense, we only perceive the light reflected off of objects. We only perceive the color of the reflected light, objects themselves do not have any color.

Taken in a less literal sense, we experience many spectrum of what we interpret as light through dark during our lives. We experience emotionally and mentally what we chose to label as the good (light) or the bad (darkness), or the some place in between (grey).

How many of our life experiences don’t have any color themselves? Just the color we chose to filter.

David R. Durham
Spirit Healer Website
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In photography, painting, and other visual arts, middle gray or middle grey is a tone that is perceptually about halfway between black and white on a lightness scale. In photography, it is typically defined as 18% reflectance in visible light. (Source Wikipedia)


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