Animal Extinction


It is a very sad fact that a number of endangered animals, including tigers, rhino and even elephants, will become extinct in the wild over the next few decades. Why? Mainly due to man’s most deadly character combination: Stupidity and Greed.

Stupidity, because there are some people who believe that by consuming a part of a tiger they will inherit its’ qualities.

Greed, because people will pay huge sums of money for these illegal animal products. For example:

“A poacher who kills a rhino and removes its horn in India gets $350. That same horn sells for $1,000 in a nearby market town. By the time it reaches Hong Kong, Beijing or the Middle East, the horn is worth $370,000. Tiger bones are worth up to $700 per kilo.” Quotes Source: Top Documentary Films.

This illegal trade is featured in the documentary “Asia’s Illegal Animal Trade”, by photographer Patrick Brown. It is a sobering account of the extent of the trade in illegal animal products.

To view this short documentary click here: Asia’s Illegal Animal Trade Documentary

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