Gone Fishing


Imagine you are sitting by a beautiful stream, green, glistening in the morning sun, with wisps of morning mist still playing over the surface. Spring is in full bloom, the water is flowing smoothly and effortlessly. Across the other side of the stream are fields, fields of spring-green wheat swaying in a gentle breeze.

There is a sense of effortless calm.

Just to your left, as the stream curves to the left, with green meadows on the left, and a small copse of trees on the right, you catch sight of birds skimming across the water catching flies.

And, as you imagine this scene, you cast out your line. The fishing rod held firmly in your hand. The float makes a small splash, as it hits the water’s surface, then it rests, elegantly, floating.


And as you sit back, reflecting on the scene, your senses filled with the fresh scents and sounds of springtime, you relax completely. Sure in the knowledge that your not going to catch any fish, as you haven’t put any bait on your hook.

Just sitting, just being, just nature aware of nature. With no need for anything more, no desire for anything different.

And, if you can find yourself imaging all of that, well welcome to meditation.

True meditation can only happen when you’ve given up searching for something else, and when you desire no more. When all is accepted as complete. All is as it should be. Including you.

© David R. Durham
Spirit Healer
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