Crucifix: Symbols & Meaning


I find the image of Christ on the cross deeply engaging. It is a haunting image of a man killed because of his beliefs about justice, love and God. And his subsequent actions that were inspired by these beliefs, actions which upset the then ruling classes of his society.

And as the years role by, it evokes in me changing feelings and thoughts:

‘A man crucified on a cross.’

‘A symbol of what our society does with enlightened men (and women).’

‘A release of the body into spirit.’

‘A victim.’

‘A noble man taking a lowly form of death to make a political point.’

‘A sacrifice of the insubstantial and impermanent, and a re-birth into the eternal.’

‘A symbol of hope in troubled times.’

‘A symbol of what one man gave up for the many.’

‘A mythical Man, imagined long before Jesus was born.’

One Symbol – Many Layers of Meaning.

© David R. Durham
Spirit Healer
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