Illusion Of Separation


The illusion of our separation from our source creates a number of challenges and opportunities.

The challenges primarily come from a run-away ego-structure which is overtly focused on personal self-interest and gratification, protecting its’ immediate bloodline and in defending and furthering the aims of its’ tribe. Various social norms seek to address this issue, norms often derived from a mixture of historical experience, cultural heritage, legal traditions and religion’s moral systems.

Other side effects of this can include a false sense of isolation or a “what’s the purpose of it all” kind of a feeling at times.

On the other side of the coin, when the limited personal ego-structure is examined and seen through for what it is, an energy structure used by life to come into human form, then different scenarios come into play.

Move in to the realm of the mystics and sages, and this phenomena is often traditionally dealt with by seeking to revert to a spiritual source, sometimes termed a “union with God”. To ‘return’ metaphorically speaking (as there can be no literal return as there never was any separation), to a base-state of consciousness, a kind of spiritual garden of Eden or mythical Shambhala.

An additional option, is rather than simply condemn the ego-structure, understand it as an intended temporary phenomena in the evolution of consciousness. And from there, explore what is to be done next, if anything, to further this expansion and enrichment of consciousness through the human experience.

The balance point of consciousness, or center of poise, in this exploration is a ‘just sitting’ style of meditation1 ; where for here, for now, there is a total acceptance of all that is arising in the current moment as being entirely appropriate and complete. Which includes accepting the personal ego-structure itself.

Whilst in this balance point, it is conscious awareness itself which then determines the next development in its’ evolution and growth.

© David R. Durham

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1This meditation style is only a meditation, it is not a prescription on how to engage with daily life.


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