Healers: Fees vs Donations


Some healers, especially those with a spiritual leaning, can equivocate over whether to charge a set fee? Or whether they should ask for a donation from clients?

Many healers are generous by nature and they reason that their desire is to help people and not to make money, hence they charge lower fees or simply ask for a donation based on what a client can afford. This, they reason, allows them to help the most people, as cost is no longer a factor.

I would argue that if you want to help the most people, do your healing / therapy work full-time and charge a full professional fee for your very valuable services.

Full Time -vs- Part Time
Here’s an example to make my point.

Say your modality means you can handle 5 sessions per day, FT is 5 days and PT is 1 day per week, this means:

Based on a 47 working week year you have the following capacity:

FT you can deliver 1,175 sessions in one year, 5,875 in five years and 11,750 in ten years.

PT you can deliver 235 sessions in one year, 1,175 in five years and 2,350 in ten years.

Now, regardless of cost, who is helping the most, a full time or a part time healer? A full time healer is streets ahead.

Professional Fees
So, unless you have an understanding partner who is happy to support you, are already wealthy or have some other form of income support, or are willing to wear yourself out doing another part-time job to make ends meet, then you have to charge an economically viable fee rate to survive.

Unless you charge an economically viable fee rate, you will not last more than 6 to 12 months (or until your savings run out) as a full time healer. And then you will either give up completely or just do it part-time, that is when you have the time and energy to fit it in with your full time job.

So you have to detach yourself from the emotional side of this, get your calculator out and do some arithmetic on what are your living costs etc. and get a real number on what you need to earn to make a comforable living for you and your family. That is, you treat it as a business. That way you will have a guide figure in mind of what you need to charge per session to meet your financial obligations.

Fee Tips:
Don’t look around and see what everyone else is charging, this tells you next to nothing.

Do not start out with a low rate and hope to increase it later. Why? Because you will have trouble raising your rate to an economically viable level and you have established your reputation in the ‘cheapest deal in town’ end of the market.

Donation Only
Unless you have a strong financial backer (i.e. donor) or an established organisation to sponsor you, this is a very hard road to go down.

Many people who come to you for healing are only doing so out of desperation. In short, the drugs have stopped working, and by stopped working I mean they have stopped killing the pain. They don’t give a sh*t about you, your therapy or your family, to them you are just another commodity. And they are only looking for the cheapest deal in town.

Some of the excuses of the cheapest is best characters include “Well it might not work, why should I pay so much?”, “Times is hard”, “I’m only poor myself”, etc. Or when you try and arrange their next $5 appointment, they say they cannot make it for 3 weeks as they have just booked a holiday in a 5* beach resort in the Caribbean for their family (and their maid).

Be strong, be bold and hold the line. People will pay for what they value. If they value their health, why wouldn’t they pay for it?

Ciao for now,

David R. Durham
Spirit Healer
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