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Divine Inspiration


How often does our social conditioning and early childhood patterning limit our capacity to be truly inspired?

This was brought home to me very recently when I was working on some guided meditations to do with connecting with my divine self. And in one of the meditations there was a process of going into deep inner stillness and letting divine inspirational thoughts and ideas to simply come through.

Yet here I was busily pushing the thoughts that were arising aside, in the ‘belief’ that these could not be of divine origin. They were simply too ordinary and everyday life.

Well after a few rounds of several related meditations on this subject, the penny finally dropped, that these divine ideas do not have to fit in with my limited, preconceived ‘beliefs’ as to what is worthy of being a divine idea.

And that the divine manifesting into human expression can take many, many forms and that this manifesting is in no way limited to some preconceived socially conditioned beliefs about what is ‘holy’ or ‘good’ enough for the divine to express.

© David R. Durham

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