Monthly Archives: March 2011

I Am


I am no-thing in all of this; I am every-thing.

I am the beginning; The middle; The end.

I am creator; I am victim.

I am washed up on a shore of eternity; I am the eternal.

No words touch me; I am the voice.

I am the silence at the core of our being; I sing in endless joy.

Swift is my pained anger; Sweet the simple smile of understanding.

There is no death which can touch me; I am the continual creation of decay.

I am the dignity of truth; I am the vanity of lust.

My mark touches all that I see; I pass un-noticed in this world.

My love knows no beginning and hence no end; Loveless I fall at the feet of icons.

God whispers in my ear; Men shout to me from the TV ads.

I am contained in this body; My vastness dwarfs this universe.

Words cannot walk; I stride in the mountains of my dreams.

Timeless are the sorrows of men; Eternal is the joy of God.

© David R. Durham

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