Monthly Archives: February 2011

All in the Bow


Its has been reportedly said that “It is all in the bow”.

To bow down before an icon, another being or maybe an ideal can seem a very cultural thing. An act steeped in tradition, a gesture to imagined enlightened ones, to one’s elders or maybe even to God.

Done out of duty, it can be an empty act.

Done with a sense of contrition, it can often be vain.

Done with all our humanity, it is an act of enlightenment.

When you no longer need to bow, it is possible to do so.

As long as you’re working it out, you cannot really do it fluently.

It is all in the bow.

© David R. Durham

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Cycles of Life


I often have the feeling that Life is our greatest teacher, that it has an almost infinite number of ways to make a point. And, if necessary, to keep bringing us back to share a lesson again and again if need be.

One of, for me, the unlikeliest learning opportunities I have recently had has come through my work with IT systems. Late last year I worked with a decommissioning of a system I’d been involved with off and on for some 12 years. It seemed a fitting end to a cycle, having been there in the early development of this particular system, and worked with it again during its maturing phase, here I was, now involved in its death; its passing away.

Yet here I am again, working on a new installation of this system. And within that new installation, I am coming face to face with parts of it that I helped to design over 12 years ago, and the memories keep coming back, of the people I worked with at the time, and the sometimes painful process we went through to design certain aspects of this system.

It is, for me, like a rebirth experience. And Life is saying, no, no, you must understand that death is not an end. Life, if Life is anything of substance at all, is full of endless intricate cycles of birth, growing, passing away and rebirth into new cycles of expression.

© David R. Durham

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