Eternal Union


There is something a little frustrating about The Buddha’s teaching. In a way, he didn’t seem to say very much. There is suffering and the cause of it are our ceaseless desires.

On a gross level, we can observe these ceaseless desires in ourselves and others from time to time. That glass of wine too many, or a wardrobe stuffed with so many clothes we cannot get the new ones we simply ‘had’ to buy into it.

However, our ceaseless desires run very deep in our psyche. The need for emotional comfort in a relationship, that extra book or course we simply must have for our knowledge to be complete, and the ‘awakened’ state of consciousness we have got to experience to be considered ‘holy’ or ‘spiritual’ enough.

What a challenge it is, first of all to notice and then to let go of our ceaseless desires. How liberating it is when we repeat this letting go process again, and again, and again, through all the levels of our complex being.

Yet, this letting go process is at the heart of all contemplative meditation traditions, this is the unfolding core of a spiritual life.

And the result, ironically, is what we have craved for all along: an end to our illusion of separateness and a peace that passeth intellectual understanding, in an eternal union with an unconditionally loving God.

© David R. Durham

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