To celebrate the first year of my blog, I have been searching for something appropriate. What I’ve found for you is way, way in excess!

It is a quote from the passionate and intimate expressions of the yogini Shambhavi:

“Kali is the sensational in the deeper sense of the term because her powers of manifestation are incomparable.

“She is the time that consumes our lives, and the eternity that consumes time.

“She is the death ceasing to die, the being in us that is never born, and the life in us that never dies.

“To the ordinary mind she is paradoxical, yet hidden in her paradox is the key to nirvana, the peaceful respite of all eternity.”

From the book “Yogic Secrets of the Dark Goddess” (p. 238), by Shambhavi L. Chopra. (Quoted with permission)

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With Love.

© David R. Durham

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