Observations From Frankfurt.

The Germans here is Frankfurt are a very warm and generous people.

They live in high-quality 2.2 lander** environment, located at a major European financial centre and all the jobs and wealth which that creates, they live in a moderate European climate, have modern housing, transport and work-spaces, beautiful countryside just outside their small city for living and recreation, an international airport on their doorstep and so on.

Of course there are one or two anomalies which I observe whilst I sit in one of the many cafes, sipping my frischer minz tee.

The first observation is the high proportion of young Germans who smoke cigarettes. This wicked destroyer of health from within seems to be somehow at odds with their radiant complexions, fit lean bodies, exquisite dentistry, intelligent demeanour and designer clothes. And runs against all the effort and resources dedicated to their healthy upbringing.

The second group who appear slightly out of sync. amongst these affluent modern European professionals, are harder to place. I imagine them to be intellectuals, with probably 2 or 3 PhDs, a collection of early edition Goeth writings and are able to play the violin to concert standards. They have longish, un-styled hair, have a slightly quirky dress sense, and go about by bicycle.

As the season changes into Autumn, I shall see how their plumage changes.

© David R. Durham

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** By 2.2 lander I mean the average family size, which is allegedly 2.2 children.


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