In the core nature of our being, as living consciousness, there is no space and time as we understand it. For time and space are attributes of this world, and as such, they only exist for us while we are in this physical universe.

This is why, when people talk about experiencing some future heaven or enlightenment or nirvana or whatever label their culture attaches to this state of bliss, it is only true in the limited context of the human experience. And then only during the energy release, when the illusion of separateness is penetrated.

It is also as incorrect to suggest that there is some other place where we are whole, or happy, or one. For ‘where’ is a concept of space, which again, is limited to this world.

And, perhaps more importantly, imagined future ideal states or another place where we are happy are avoiding who, what and where we are right now. An acceptance of our current conditions is the first pause, the first gateway.

When we try to use our minds to understand this, or to work it out, we end up getting confused. This is simply because our mind is another one of our creations as we project into this physical existence. And as such, it is designed to help us to function in this world. It is not designed to comprehend the whole potential of our vast eternal being.

And whilst we can play endlessly in this universe, making brilliant discoveries, inventing cool toys and enjoying all the pleasures and drama of being human. When it comes to our eternal consciousness, stop trying to work it out, there’s nothing for our human mind to work out. We may get glimpses of other dimensions of consciousness and our human minds can be informed by insights from our wider consciousness; not the other way round.

Since these words are creations of this mind, in this culture and location in space and time, they are perfect for describing this world, but hopelessly inadequate in describing the fuller nature of our being. These words only serve to create a pause in your thinking process. And, in that pause, the potential for awakening to other dimensions of your vast being exists. This is the same pause which repeated meditation aims to bring you to.

The gateway to wider consciousness is in the pause.

© David R. Durham

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