Meditation Tips No. 7


Meditation Tips No. 7: Paradox

A paradox can be defined as any person, thing, or situation exhibiting an apparently contradictory nature.

Paradox runs through meditation, like the name through a stick of rock (candy).

  • We learn the skills and diligently practice meditation, in order to ultimately let go of all practice.
  • We’re trying to discover or attain some state of being we’re are already in.
  • And whatever we do ‘attain’ or ‘realise’ along the way, becomes just something else that have to let go of.
  • We’re trying to experience ‘an altered state of consciousness’, when all along the one we’re in is perfect.
  • We think its all in our mind, when it turns out to be down to our heart.
  • And in the end, the only true, pure meditation practice, is when you know you no longer need it.
  • We search out our dearest love in the rarest of places, only to find it was right here all along under our noses, in the most ordinary of things.

Does this mean meditation is a waste of time? Hardly. For it is only by going through the transformational process of meditation, that we arrive at the simplicity of our being, which is closer to us than our breath.

© David R. Durham

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