Meditation Tip No. 6


Meditation Tips No. 6: Being Present.

Whilst our minds and attention may wander, the body has a wonderful quality of always being in present time. And, as such, it can provide an important grounding quality to our being.

So while we (as conscious awareness) may still be indulging ourselves in an argument which finished 2 hours ago, fortunately our heart is beating, our lungs are pumping and all our other myriad of bodily functions are all still happening in real time.

This is one of the reasons why it is a good idea to include our breath in our meditation practice. There’s no actual need to try and alter it, simply observing it whilst it rolls in and out, or matching a mantra with the breath cycle works fine.

And if our mental attention wanders off, mesmerised by some new thought, we can simply and effortlessly bring it back to now, by re-focusing on our breath.

So, by using our breath in this way, our body gradually grounds our mind in the present (without having to tie itself in mental knots trying to be ‘here and now’).

© David R. Durham

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