Meditation Tip No. 2


Meditation Tip No. 2: Time & Habits

When meditation was imported to the West, the myth of the 20 minute meditation was borne. It made meditation an easier sell and formed a part of the packaging which encouraged people to try it.

In fact, there is no prescribed ‘time’ for meditation, just the simple common sense view that like anything else, the more you practice the greater the benefits. As a rule of thumb, anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour will be very beneficial. Much beyond an hour and you probably belong on a retreat.

A key objective, is to form the habit of meditating on a daily basis. That way the benefits can accrue regularly through time, and you carry on meditating through thick and thin.

The best time of day for meditation is very much up to you and your life-style and other commitments. Some people find early in a morning ideal while the day is fresh and their mind’s are relatively quiet. For others, the end of the day suits them most and relaxes them for a good nights sleep.

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