All Change


Change is one of those things we sometimes notice and often don’t, and some say that the only constant thing in this universe is change.

One interesting phenomena of enforced and unwanted change, is that it can lead to a kind of stuckness, an artificial state of no change.

For instance, an accident of falling off a bike, or the distress of losing a loved one are usually felt as unpleasant and unwanted. The physical injuries from a fall can lead to the energy of shock being bound up in the body, with no way out. And the loss of a loved one can cause emotional scars which make it difficult for someone to be open to new relationships and to trust again.

This artificial stuckness, in body or mind, is often the target of therapeutic assistance. The therapy is trying to release the bound-up energy from a trauma or get the client to reconsider decisions made whilst under the duress of an enforced change.

In a way, the past is always with us and our body/mind system is a living memory of all that we have experienced. It is the undigested past which causes us problems in our ever unfolding present and trips up our potential futures.

© David R. Durham

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