Cancer & Bacteria


Cancer is still a major health risk for many people despite the many important breakthroughs in treatments that have been forthcoming from researchers in recent decades.

Now some researchers are slowly coming around to the extraordinary theory that bacteria are an underlying cause of cancer.  

For instance, researchers already know that the H Pylori bug can cause stomach cancer, and they are now beginning to realize that bacteria could be causing many more cancers, too.

Extraordinarily, this was one of the very first theories about cancer – but it was rejected in around 1920 because cancer specialists at the time couldn’t see how bacteria could become a virus.

The very latest special report from WDDTY (What Doctors Don’t Tell You) reveals that bacteria do change their shape and their characteristics, when they are damaged by pollutants.  So, according to the cancer bug theory, smoking wouldn’t directly cause cancer, but it would trigger a change in the bacteria that would set off the disease

If you would like to read this report yourself and explore this theory further, then click on the web-link below.

WDDTY Special Report: Cancer’s Missing Link


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