Parallel Worlds


I was watching a TV program last night on parallel universes, and it was is many ways quite fascinating.

Apparently, there are potentially an infinite number of these, depending on which theory you chose to follow. There may even be one identical to this one, or ones with slight variations on what we experience here. For instance, what if there was a parallel universe where Hitler won the second world war.

One of the most entertaining concepts was that of of bubble universes, here universes expand, flow and interact like our earth bound soap bubbles.

Where it seemed to get a bit strained was when the presenter was trying to get to another universe, i.e. to travel to a parallel universe. He began each scenario with ‘imagine’, which each time got to be a bigger ask of our imaginations.

The main problem, it seemed to me, was the need to drag our body along when traveling to a parallel universe. Since we are, after all, consciousness projecting through this physical body, why not just shift our consciousness and leave our body here in this universe where it belongs?

© David R. Durham

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2 responses

  1. Greetings…

    Sky is the limit, rather much beyond in domain of the divine infinitude a human can imagine and talk, expressing his erupt of imagination assigning thoughts been generated within from the pool of transcendental knowledge on an evolutionary consciousness (i.e. Mind) mixed-up with the experiential perceptions by dint of acquired qualifications to configure his own opinion (i.e. Brain). Laconically, lets graduate self with Education (beyond qualification) unto Knowledge.

    Science is non-static, always on move seeking manifestations towards perfection. Knowledge and God, both are One.

    In light of syncretism, lets discriminate a true meaning to understand as to what is an Opinion, Perception, Knowledge (Esoteric & Arcane, both)… What is a measurable difference between a Reality, Truth and Fact.?

    We always misjoinder to create a misology for the reason of not knowing the true value of words… thus can’t differentiate the exquisite value/nuance between an Opinion and Perception, a Perception and Knowledge, a Qualification and Education… and so on.


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