2012 is coming!

Not just the year, but the dawn of a new era for humanity. At least this is the story according to a number of new age gurus.

Whilst new age gurus have their moments of insight, and contribute in many ways to broader understanding of our humanity, on this one I have my doubts.

The 2012 story is based on some fancy mathematics and astronomy provided by the Mayan civilisation.

The Mayans were a bunch of people in what is currently called Central America. And the question I ask is ‘What did the Mayans ever do for us?’ They are after all, not to put too fine a point on it, a failed civilisation. So why should we care about some fancy mathematics they invented? If they were so smart, how come they are not still running the show in Central America?

But then again, empires come and empires go. There is a similar question asked in England, only this one is along the lines of ‘What did the romans ever do for us?’ This is usually followed by a long list of useful stuff the romans bequeathed to their ungrateful subjects.

No doubt other sufferers of external conquest ask the same thing. I can imagine the Indians asking ‘What did the British ever do for us?’ A few thoughts: Single language, democracy, a unified legal system, railways and most important of all cricket.

The English language is a remarkably flexible tool for expressing ourselves. And whenever the 2012 phenomena rears its head, a specific word springs into my mind, and that word is ‘bollocks’.

For those readers outside of Britain, I’d better define bollocks for you. It basically means, in a rather vulgar way, rubbish or nonsense. And ideally it is said with a certain indignation and gusto.

My vision for 2013, is a number of new age gurus frantically looking around for signs that anything has changed. And by 2014, they will be hoping no one remembers their lofty predictions. And if anyone does remind them, they will reply something along the lines of the change has happened in spirit, but it has yet to manifest into form.

My prediction for 2012 and beyond is that humanity will keep on keeping on, behaving and doing pretty much what it has been doing for the last several thousand years, enthusiastically chasing after short-term selfish gains with the primary unconscious aim of producing and rearing the next generation of happy humans.

Also I’d like to create this nifty mental association for you, so as to save your mental energy for more useful activities: 2012 – Bollocks!

© David R. Durham

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