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Photographs can be somewhat enigmatic, in the sense that they can have many different meanings depending on the viewpoint of their observers.

When you add to that the qualitative interpretations of the subject matter being photographed, photos can become many-layered creatures, lying in wait to surprise the innocent photographer.

As a general rule, some people will like your photos, some will not and most probably don’t care. As David duChemin wisely comments in his fascinating book on vocational photography called Vision Mongers, ‘Love your fans, but listen to your critics’.

And if you were to recall your own favourite photographs, what emotions do they invoke? Are they of people or places? Are they in colour or are they in black and white?

Here are a selection of mine from a recent photo-session to illustrate what I mean. They are all of the same model, Sarah, and they are all fashion oriented. How would you interpret them? Does the fact that they have a fashion bias attract you or put you off? If they were photos of a man, would you react differently? Etc.

Photo 1 Photo 2
Photo 3 Photo 4

For many insights into the journey of being photographer, whether just for fun or for profit, David duChemin’s book offers an inspiring and a pragmatic guide.

Vision Mongers:
Making A Life And Living In Photography
by David duChemin.

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