Simple Meditation


Wanting is a very effective gauge for where you are in the scheme of things.

If your meditation is frustrating you because you’re not getting what you want, then you’ve missed the point.

In our everyday lives, wanting is perfectly normal. We want some new shoes, we want to be entertained, etc. etc.

The spiritual life offers a very different challenge. And a key part of that challenge is to accept things just as they are. And meditation is a core activity in learning this acceptance process.

This is the elusive simplicity inherent within meditation. We just sit. We have a few props which helps us to get into a simple meditative state of being. A state of being which is a living acknowledgement of our wholeness, where there is nothing to add, nothing to take away and nothing to work out intellectually.

So if you’re wanting a new state of consciousness through your meditation, then you’re not really meditating, and your frustration with it will grow and grow.

Acceptance that life is presenting to you exactly what you need is not always an easy skill to live with. We get confused by our endless wants. For instance, when we are getting a lot of what we want then accepting things as they are is pretty easy. However, when our private world is falling apart, or when we are in pain, then its is not so easy.

This is not to say that we are to become actionless zombies. Seeking resolutions for your pain, making a success of your daily life and addressing your private affairs are required and perfectly natural human activities.

The contrast here is with your spiritual self. In spirit you are whole, complete and you live and have your being in an endless ocean of unconditional love. This is why transferring your endless wants for more, or less, or simply something different to the realm of your spirit doesn’t work.

So the distinction is a simple but important one. When you get it, when you can “just sit” in meditation and accept whatever is arising as completely appropriate for now, you are free from internal conflict and can flow with the unfolding beauty of your being. And when you can do that, then managing your daily human life becomes easier too.

© David R. Durham

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