Spring & Renewal


Stolling through Hyde Park in the warm sunshine, it feels like spring has finally sprung in London.

After a long and cold winter, one of the coldest in some 30 years, there is an extra sense of relief and renewal as the new leaves unfold and colourful spring flowers and tree blossoms appear.

Cherry Blossoms in Hyde Park
Hyde Park

Shot with a Nikon D700 and a Nikkor 85mm (1.8) lens

Spring is one of the renewal cycles of our external world which we most welcome. An exciting part of the unfolding cycle of birth, grow and death which life expresses itself through.

Internally, we go through many such cycles everyday. Our bodies are continually renewing themselves, with cells being born and dying each hour of every day and it is said that our bodies renew themselves every seven years.

Which edition of your body are you on?

© David R. Durham

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One response

  1. I have also heart about the 7 years period of total renewal of our bodies. This is so amazing if you thing deeper about it, and it proves that we indeed are spiritual being in our core. Thanks for the nice post!