Reiki & Chakras


When healing someone with reiki techniques, special emphasis is often given to our main energy centers, called chakras.

The word chakra simply means wheel or disc. And they help to store, balance and distribute energy around our bodies. There are seven main chakras which are addressed in a reiki healing session. These seven main chakras run vertically through our body’s trunk and into our neck and head.

Located at the base of our spine is the first chakra, called the Muladhara (root chakra) is our foundation and links us energetically to the earth.

The second chakra called Svadhistana (Own Dwelling Place) is located between the genitals and naval, and it is the center for our sexual energy.

Moving up our body, the Manipura (Dwelling Place of Jewels) is located in our solar plexus area and it is an energy associated with personal power.

In the centre of our chest is our heart center called the Anahata (That Which Is Ever New). This energy relates to our compassion, self-acceptance, relationships and internal balance.

The 5th of our chakras is the Vishuddha (Purest of Pure) and it is located at our throat level, and it is concerned with communication and self-expression.

In our forehead, between the eye brows lies our Ajna (Command) chakra, which is associated with our vision and imagination.

And our 7th chakra is located at the crown of our head and is called Sahasara (Thousand Petalled Lotus) and it relates to our wisdom and spiritual levels.

Reiki healing aims to unblock these chakra centers and balance the energy flows between them.
Reiki And The Seven Chakras, by Richard Ellis. 2010, Random House Press.

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