Reiki Healing


Reiki is a system of healing which activates our natural life-force energy towards greater health and vitality.

Reiki is highly effective on its own, and is an ideal complimentary therapy working seamlessly in conjunction with other healing modalities. It is a non-invasive therapy which has no unwanted side-effects.

It is often taught in two in two stages or degrees. First degree reiki is concerned with understanding life-force energy (or Ki), and how to help to balance it. Much of this work concerns the main energy centers of our bodies, known as chakras.

If you are new to these concepts, then a fair degree of trust and letting go of old concepts may be required on your part.

The next learning stage called second degree reiki, introduces reiki symbols, which can be used to empower our thought and being. There are three key symbols.

The first is the power symbol, which works with our intention. The second is the emotional / mental symbol which is the key to our unconscious. And the third reiki symbol relates to distance healing, and it represents time and space.

Reiki And The Seven Chakras, by Richard Ellis. 2010, Random House Press.

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