Valerian and Insomnia


The herb Valerian has been used by people for several thousands years to assist with sleeping.

And studies over the last century have borne out that valerian is quite effective in reducing insomnia problems which are stress and anxiety related.

It is readily available over the counter, and may be a good first step to an improved night’s sleep.

However, stress and anxiety are not the only sources of insomnia, it can have many contributing factors. For instance:


  • Too much exercise or food shortly before going to bed
  • Drinking too many stimulantes such as caffeine during the day
  • Watching TV in bed
  • Physical Health:

  • Physical ailments and pain can lead to sleeplesness
  • Mental Health:

  • Depression and other mental health issues can affect our ability to sleep.
  • So, as with most forms of self-treatment, it can mask more serious issues, and if the insomnia persists then a medical assessment should be sought.

    For a more extensive discussion valerian and insomnia, clinical tests and other popular herbs, try this book:

    Herbs for the Mind, by Davidson & Connor

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