Spritual Path IV


Meditation is a very simple process. It is a way to experience the depths and richness of our inner being, and to capture insights into our broader nature.

Unfortunately, we are not so simple. We are complex beings with many layers of expression.

Consequently, when we come to meditate we project into our meditation practice our hopes, fears, expectations and general cultural programming. As a result, meditation can seem to be more difficult than it is, and it sometimes seems to be an impossible process to master.

A futher twist in the tale of meditation is that unlike other skills we have learnt, we are not trying to achieve anything. For instance, if we learn to cook, or read or train for a profession, we specific results in mind.

Whereas with meditation it can best be described as the art of letting go and being fully aware of whatever is arising in our being without trying to push it away or to hold onto it. And during our meditations many things will come and go, from bliss to boredom, from incessant thoughts to deep stillness, to an awareness of the ocean of unconditional love in which we live and have our being.

Through this repetitive surrender meditation can liberate us from the constraints of our limited personality and allow us to open up to the rich diversity of our vast beingness

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