Aging I


The ticking clock of aging begins very early in our life, and with each passing year it becomes more pronounced. For we are an expression not only of our genetic inheritance, but also of our cultural reality, upbringing, life experiences and our interpretation of those experiences.

Aging is one of those fascinating areas of study which cuts a broad slice through a range of academic disciplines and facets of our collective and individual lives.

It is impractical in the short space of a blog to go into the subjects around of aging in any meaningful way, so I’ll be doing a series of blogs over coming weeks highlighting some of the kay areas, such as:

  • How different cultures view the role of the elderly
  • The impact of bio-technology on our understanding of the aging process and how it can improve the quality of our lives
  • What should be the priorities for resources?
  • Should resources be focused on disease prevention, slowing the aging process or lengthening life span
  • What are the social and environmental costs
  • Is quality of life more important than duration
  • Will it create two classes of people: Those who can afford it and those who cannot?
  • Is the holy grail of immortality a childish dream? Or a work of true vision?

More to follow …

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