When you understand that the name Kali translates into english as time, you can begin to see why the goddess Kali has the characteristics she has. And why she is linked to change and death.

The terrible ticking clock which brings us one step closer to our impending doom!

On a more subtle level, the ceaseless change in our world through time acts as a reminder that the only thing which does not change is change itself. And hence change becomes a reflection in our earthly existence of eternity in this time-space universe.

In the trancendence of our limited self our attachments to temporal forms have to be let go of. It is Kali, in her infinite compassion, who accepts this offering, and in doing so she liberates us from the delusion and suffering of ignorance, and delivers us to the eternal life.

So in both a symbolic and real sense we are sacrificed to the divine within us.

In the constant life and death rhythms of living, Kali is the life-force we experience through time.

Kali As Beauty
She has a beauty which can be both mesmerising and terrifying. Her physical beauty is but a pale reflection of her eternal delight.

She is the illusive and beautiful woman who takes our breath away, but whom we can never quite grasp.

She is the angelic child who dies in our arms.

Seeking her eternal beauty we desire so much, she leads us into an endless seeking which we can never quite attain.

Oh Kali! Supreme amongst hindu goddesses and consort of Kala (Shiva) the lord of time and eternity.

For a first-hand poetic and passionate account of Kali try this beautiful book:

Yogic Secrets of the Dark Goddess:
Lightning Dance of the Supreme Shakti, by Shambhavi L. Chopra.

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