Sleepy Head


Sleeping is an important part of of lives, it must be, as we spend on average 7 to 8 hours a night sleeping.

Of course, people vary in how much they need. For instance women sleep on average 20 minutes per day longer than men, maybe this is why the live longer.

But regardless of whether you’re a 6 hour a night person, or a 9 hour a night person, we all have a core deep sleep requirement of about 5 hours.

What happens if you go through a phase of not being a sleepy head? Insomnia is quite a common problem and there are broadly speaking two types of causes. The first is anxiety and worry, and the second is physical pain.

Regarding anxiety, relaxation techniques can help and setting a time and date to confront and deal with the issues you’re worrying about. And if it is something you cannot change right now, then maybe you have to accept the current situation short-term, and stop worrying about it.

Its also best to take out of your bedroom all the props you use to amuse you when you cannot sleep, such as books, internet, TV etc. Force yourself to go somewhere else to get them if you really need them.

Sleeping pills are at best just a short-term fix. And they may affect your daytime alertness.

An underlying depression can also be an issue, see my blog from Nov. 10th on Depression for more details on the symptoms.

If you have a pattern of awakening after 2 hours sleep, then waking at around 4am to 5am and unable to get back sleep then depression is probably your underlying cause.

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