Cranio-Sacral Therapy


Cranio-Sacral therapy derives its name from the Cranium (bones of the skull) and Sacrum, which are the triangular shaped bones at the base of the spine.

The Cranio-Sacral system are all of the bones, fluids, brain, spinal column, nerves, membranes etc. within the cranium and going on down through the spine of our body. This makes it the core physiological control centre of the body, and working therapeutically through it, gives us access to all of our body’s functions.

Cranio-Sacral therapy has evolved from a rich remedial healing tradition going back to the early part of the 20th century. Its early discoverers were osteopaths, who with their sensitive palpative skills, noticed rhythms and phenomena within the bodies of their clients, which were not known to or not fully accounted for, by conventional teachings at the time.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy is a healing style which aims to release the deeply held patterns of disease (both physical and psychological) which accumulate throughout our life as a result of injury and illness, patterns which can lead to ill-health and dysfunction.

The classical Cranio-Sacral process involves two key objectives: Firstly, enhancing our underlying vitality which pervades our whole selves, creating and maintaining health and wellbeing in all aspects of our lives. And secondly, it is concerned with releasing any restrictions to the free distribution of this vitality throughout the body.

Later experience and studies led to the development of the Cranio-Sacral Biodynamic approach to the practice of Cranio-Sacral Therapy. This deep listening, almost meditative, style of working reflects the deepest foundations of a human being. And it acknowledges that we are intricate expressions of the wholeness of life and of the vast forces at work in our universe.

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