Tibetan Kum Nye


One of the instantly applicable aspects of Tibetan medicine is a relaxation practice called Kum Nye.

It has the simple aim of promoting harmony for us through integrating our mind and body, plus our individual self and the world we live in.

Working with the subtle energies which make up our being, Kum Nye stimulates, rebalances and expands them in such a way as to unite mind, body and our senses.

Through a series of simple exercises and massages, it helps us to relieve excess stress from our lives. It can also help to transform negative energy patterns which we may unconsciously be holding and hence promote a greater experience of health.

Kum Nye can enrich our lives by opening our senses and heart so that we feel more fulfilled and satisfied. And when we are more balanced and fulfilled we’re less prone to turn to addictions such as alcohol and excessive materialism.

Tibetan medicine is a rich blend of traditional Tibetan healing techniques and Ayruvedic practices, which were brought from India in the 7th century AD.

Tibetan healing’s general aim is to promote a balance and a free flowing of our vital life forces.

If you’d like to know more about Kum Nye, then the following book offers a very clear account:

Tibetan Relaxation: The Illustrated Guide to Kum Nye Massage and Movement – a Yoga from the Tibetan Tradition (Healthy Living, by Tarthang Tulku

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