Roundabout Life


Whilst strategically placed in the outside seating area of the Crown pub, just by Victoria Park (see my Flickr photos in the side-bar) in East London, I can observe at close hand the unfolding daily life of a roundabout.

I have four main observations:

1. Timing
The split second timing of many of the drivers is amazing.

2. Don’t’ Delay!
If you have the chance to go, then go. Otherwise the horns will start blaring and harsh voices will be raised. Stressed out Londoners.

3. Hardware Value
Several hundred thousand pounds worth of vehicles pass that roundabout every minute. Wealthy London.

4. Bicycles Beware
Every so often a brave soul on a bicycle tackles this roundabout. London: Not very bike friendly.

Bye the by, the Crown pub does a wonderful Cornish Ale, called Doom Bar, it goes down very smoothly.

There are several public houses dotted around the perimeter of Victoria Park, I feel duty bound to review them on your behalf.

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