Magnetic Therapy


Using magnets as a therapeutic tool has ancient roots, going back to 2nd century China.

Afterall, magnets are naturally ocuring in our environment. The earth itself has its own magnetic field which influences our cellular development, growth and life-processes.

Our body itself, as a electo-magnetic organism, and generates its own magnetic field.

Magnetic therapies can alter circulation, stimulate repair, stimulate nerve cells, cause relaxation, affect blood pressure and heart rate, alter the absorption of medications and nutrients, affect acupuncture energy movement, stimulate magnetophosphenes.

Magnets can be used to assist with general health and more specific health issues.

Some of these beneficial actions include:

· reducing muscle tension
· improving circulation
· improving tissue healing
· reducing pain
· improving clotting factors
· slowing the development of arthritis
· stimulating the immune system
· improving cell function
· helping the body to detoxify
· improving the uptake of nutrients
· reducing blood pressure
· helping nerve function
· helping liver function
· balancing the acupuncture meridians
· improve sleep
· reduce stress
· bone healing

As with many complementary therapies, magnetic therapy is not intended to replace conventional medical assistance.


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